Balloon Rides Sun Ballooning GmbH

Welcome to all our visitors and guests!
We will continue to offer you the best views! SUN BALLOONING is your partner for balloon rides all around Berlin and Brandenburg. See the beauty of nature from our hot-air balloon in every season of the year!
Get in and take off! Fulfill mankind’s greatest dream: to hover between earth and sky at the speed of the wind and to look at a unique landscape from a bird’s-eye view.
The balloon rides the wind, which determines its direction of travel and destination. That’s why every balloon ride is a unique experience – for young and old alike. It’s not cold in the gondola, and you will experience no dizziness, vertigo, or fear.

For us, safety, quality and service come first.
Your SUN BALLOONING TEAM Licensed by the German Federal Office of Aviations aviation company no. BB 112 and hot-air balloonist’s schoolEquipment and pilots are regularly and strictly checked.