Air Promotion

Air advertisment attracts attention and leaves a lasting impression.
It is extraordinary and different.
Set your product or corporate logo center stage!

Raffle off a gift certificate for a balloon ride
and have a big advertising effect with relatively low costs.
We are happy to draw up an offer for you.

Precondition: An area of 50 x 50 meters to inflate the balloon.

  • Inflating a hot-air balloon (neutral or with your advertisement)
  • Promotion starts from your location
  • A glowing balloon at night

  • For promotional launches, you can send 3-22 persons of your choice up in the balloon.

    Price List: Balloonrides Berlin Brandenburg valid since October 30th 2008
    1 Gift Certificate
    € 198,- per Person from 8 Gift Certificates/
    € 160,- per Person
    2 Gift Certificates
    € 188,- per Person Scholars and
    € 160,- per Person
    (ID required)
    3-5 Gift Certificates/
    € 180,- per Person Junior Rate
    till 14 years
    € 140,- per Person
    6-7 Gift Certificates/
    € 170,- per Person
    Cuddly Balloon Ride
    2 Persons only
    € 375,- per Person
    Winter Special !
    Sunrise Ride
    € 149,- per Person



    It is possible to combine a standing balloon with a promotional launch.
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