General facts about hot-air balloons

In 1783, the brothers Montgolfier invented the hot-air balloon in France. The envelope of the balloon was made of paper, and straw and sheep’s wool were used as fuel – rather adventurous, considering the open fire in the basket. Today we fly modern sporting balloons with propane gas burners. The balloon envelopes consist of polyethylene-coated nylon. Only the woven wickerwork basket remains a reminder of the balloons
of the past. There’s no other flying object that fascinates mankind like a hot-air balloon. To just abandon oneself to the wind! – The wind alone determines the direction and distance that a hot-air balloon flies.

When can you fly with a balloon?

Our balloon teams enable almost anyone to experience the allure of a hot-air balloon ride for themselves. Rain and rising warm air currents
as well as thunderstorms and heavy wind can make a balloon flight impossible. In summer, the time shortly after sunrise or two to three hours before sunset is best. In winter you can also have a flight during the day. We will clarify the time and place of take-off by telephone. One to two hours before the start, we contact the meteorological service to see if the current conditions are favorable. For safety reasons, it can thus happen that a flight must be cancelled at short notice. Then a new appointment can be made by telephone without a problem.

Who can fly?

Almost anyone can fly in a balloon. Children must be at least twelve years old or 1,35 m tall in order to to ride. For your own safety, you should be fit and healthy enough that you can jump off a table without any problems. Your safety comes first!
In our four baskets, we can carry three, five, six or eight persons or groups up to 22 persons. Of course, single bookings are also possible. In addition to the pilot, there have to be two to four further crew members to inflate the balloon, to pack it up after the landing and to bring everyone back to the starting point. Friends and relatives of the balloon guests are also welcome and have the opportunity to follow our accompanying vehicles to be there when the balloonists land.

Photo and Video recordings of our balloon flights

It is possible to take pictures and videos from the balloon. However, it is the passenger who is responsible for keeping his equipment safe.
Sun Ballooning GbR is not responsible for loss of or damage
to passenger property.

What should I wear for a balloon flight?

It is best to dress as if you were going for a walk in the woods. First of all, you need lace-up shoes (no high-heels!) in case we land on a wet meadow. You don’t need especially warm clothes because you won’t feel the wind in the balloon. Conditions are often more agreeable in the basket than on the ground. Nevertheless, we recommend warm shoes in winter.


Please do not consume any alcoholic beverages before or during the balloon flight. Please keep in mind that the course and movement of the balloon are determined by nature – especially by wind conditions. Before and during the flight, the pilot will give you instructions about appropriate behavior.

The “Christening”

If this is your first flight a hot-air balloon, you will be “christened.”
You will be raised to “balloon nobility” and you will get a certificate with your aristocratic title.

Blessing for Hot-Air Balloon Passengers

Honor of nature, that created all.
She created for us the vast firmament As the most beautiful
part of the world.
She gave us fire, Whose power we use to launch ourselves
To hover above the forests and meadows.
Thus the fire shall baptize us
And be doused in champagne!

How long does a balloon flight take?

Please plan four to five hours – including one to one and a half hours in which you will be up in the air. If you have a group of five or more, we will also start in front of your house. Precondition: appropriate wind conditions and an open field to start from (40 x 50 meters).
The pilot and his crew will be happy to answer your further questions.

Gift Certificates – an exclusive gift idea

Balloon flights are perfect for various opportunities, for family parties, for group travel, with friends or as an office outing. A gift certificate for a balloon flight is a great present for a birthday, a wedding, for Christmas or for your loved ones. Every gift certificate is valid one year. It is possible for the addressee to arrange the date her-/ himself.




Frühfahrt in Hakenberg
Frühfahrt in Hakenberg

Ballonfahrt über Linumer Teiche

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kurz vor dem Start im Briesetal

Blick auf Sun Ballooning Ballon


Heißluftballon nach der Landung

Taufsekt und Taufurkunde

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Ballon prall mit Kaltluft gefüllt

Ballonhülle wird eingepackt


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