Balloonist's school

Training as a balloon pilot - How does it work?

It is possible to start practical training at our balloonist's school all year round.

The training as a balloon pilot take from six months up to three years. On average, it takes about nine months. The practical training includes 20 flying lessons with at least 50 balloon starts and landings. Five lessons must take place at a temperature of over 20°C and another five lessons at a temperature of under 0°C. Our starting points are in the regions of Oranienburg and Kyritz. The theoretical training takes place at our school in Kyritz. You must do at least 60 lessons in the subjects air traffic law, navigation, meteorology, technique and behavior in special cases. Courses start in spring and fall. Exams are held at the appropriate Office of Aviation in Dahlwitz-Hoppegarten near Berlin. A training contract will be signed before the training starts. Therefore, the following documents are required:


    1.   Fitness certificate by a special doctor for pilots
    2.   Copy of birth certificate
    3.   A declaration that no lawsuits are pending against you and a statement that an application for a clearance certificate was submitted

    During the training you have to acquire an authorization to radio (BZF 2). A passport photograph and evidence of being briefed on emergency response at the scene of an accident must be submitted before or at the time of your registration for the practical exam (at the latest).

    The costs of the theoretical and practical training, textbooks and other training material as well as the registration and exam charges are paid by the trainee.

    Theoretical training:   € 800,00
    Practical training:   € 180,00 per lesson

    The costs must be paid as follows:

    1.   At the beginning of the practical training 2,500 €.
    At the end of the theoretical training and after the half of the practical training the remaining 1,900 € in advance.

    All prices excl. 19% VAT.

    If you are interested in training as a balloon pilot, our head teacher Frank Fano is happy to have a consultation with you at any time.

    Good Luck and Happy Landing!

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